Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I think I forgot that we have a blog. Here is a rundown of the last 2 years:)

Year 2015: I am going to upload the pages of a book that we created:

Year 2016: Pictures still to come.

  • January: We had an enjoyable Christmas to end the year 2015. We had converted our garage into a game room/bedroom the last couple of years, and we had a new year's party with some friends in the garage playing games. It was a little cold, so we didn't spend too much time out there. We also bought a new car (Toyota Sequioa) from Brother Hammond. He buys cars from the auction and fixes them up. We have enjoyed having a bigger car that fits our family much better. 
  • February: Dee tore his miniscus playing a church basketball game. I thought I would need to get surgery to repair it, but Jill has done two sessions of emotional releasing with me, and I can run and exercise almost like I could before. Jill has been a blessing to our family as she has been able to release many emotions from all of us. Because of this, she and our kids can now eat Gluten (although we try to still stay away from it), the kids are better behaved (I think), and my knee did not need surgery. Jill became certified in the emotion code last year and has helped many people so far.
  • March: Me, Jill, and Grant took a trip during Spring break to Florida. We have decided to take each our kids on a trip when they are a teen-age so that we can spend time with just them. Grant wanted to go to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter. We also visited Miami, the Cape Canaveral Space Station, Sea World (in Orlando), and visited Jill's Sister Stacey and her family in Gainesville. It was a fun trip! We got scammed in Miami and found out that we actually didn't have a place to stay, so we drove to Orlando a day earlier than planned and went to the Kennedy Space Station. It was great!, and the best thing about it was that night there was a space launch that we got to see from the beach! When we got back to Pocatello (where our kids were staying), Jill dropped me off at my parent's house and I went right back to Utah with them to attend my Uncle Gregg's funeral. He had been suffering with poor health the last several years, but it was still sat to see him go. How blessed we are to have a savior who has suffered for our sins and pains so that we can be forgiven and have the opportunity live in celestial glory when we are resurrected.
  • April: We said goodbye to our home of 11 years and the 16th Ward, and moved into our duplex on Maple Street. We really enjoy our ward (Caldwell East Stake 2nd Ward). Our ward and stake do many activities. Last night (October 8, 2016) was a fun dance at the stake center -- "Dancing with the Stake Presidency."
  • May: School is out! It was a fun but difficult year for me as there was a big learning curve. The kids all did well at Heritage Charter School. We have been blessed!
  • June: We were a little delayed with our Duplex repairs as we waited to see if the Homeowners insurance would help us fix the exterior wall that is cracked. In the end, they would not help us, so we finally had someone frame a new wall right next to it to take the pressure of of it. Josh Quarders from our ward has done a lot of work framing and putting in Windows for us (in the basement), and Chris Nailon has done the plumbing work for us. We are currently putting up sheet rock.
    A highlight of this month was the youth trek that we went on with the Caldwell 2nd Ward. The week we moved into the ward, they mentioned that they needed more volunteers to go on trek (
    The Caldwell 2nd and 3rd wards were planning the trek together). The week before we moved in the Stake was reorganized a little and the Caldwell 1st ward was dissolved into the other wards, mainly the Caldwell 2nd ward. Because of this change, they needed another Ma and Pa. Me and Jill volunteered and started preparing. I was a little worried with my knee, but was very blessed on trek as it did not hurt much at all. The location of the trek was the mountains between Ola, Idaho and Banks, Idaho. It was gorgeous! Both Grant and Sage were able to go as well and both their testimonies grew stronger. The day we left on Trek we were assigned our families. Both Grant and Sage had wonderful families and leaders (Ma and Pa). We are grateful to them! This trek was much harder physically than the Wyoming Trek. We encountered some pretty steep hills every day. The youth were very tired but loved it! It was a great experience. 
  • July: We attended both the Winegar and Christensen family Reunions. This year, Letitia was in charge of the Winegar Reunion, and we camped at an RV park in Bear Lake. We played at the beach one day, and took a trip to the Minitonka caves and Bloomington lake another day. It was fun. The Christensen reunion was held at Cabin Creek Cabins campground (church campground) at Alturas Lake. We spent a day at Redfish Lake and had fun at the cabins. Me and Jill decided to start a family tradition while we were  there. It is this -- wake up the kids early and hike to see the sunrise and read scriptures/share spiritual thoughts. The kids fought against it, but we did it! Our attempt at Bear Lake was a little more successful, but met with lots of resistance as well. Hopefully next time will be easier, especially because we are waking the kids up early every morning and exercising. 
    Towards the end of July, my and Jill went to our 20 year class reunion. It was good to see everyone and we had lots of fun!
  • August: Dee attended a Career Technical Conference in Twin Falls at the beginning of the month and paid for an extra night at the hotel so that Jill could come and join me (She was in Pocatello, so she left the kids with her parents). We went out to dinner the night of the 4th and did a temple session in the Twin Falls Temple the next morning. It was nice! I have been very blessed to have a great wife!
    We had a ward activity later in the month -- It was a dinner at the outside pavilion at our new stake center (Caldwell East Stake). During the event, Moriah suffered a scary concussion. She was running at full speed and so was another teen age young man in our war. They collided and she hit him and the ground pretty hard. When I got there, she was not responding and appeared to be unconscious. I was able to give her a blessing with the assistance of another elder in our ward and we took her to the emergency room. She opened her eyes once we goth there and ended up being just fine. We feel that this was a miracle due to the power of the priesthood. We are blessed to have this power and authority on the earth!
  • September: We decided to go to Utah and attend the Finch family reunion on labor day weekend. My parents reserved my Grandparents cabin in Payson Canyon, so we stayed there. Saturday was the Finch Reunion and Sunday we met together with the Winegar Family. It was good to see everyone. On labor day, we stopped to see a couple of friends on the way hoe -- Sarah Laacke (and her family) and The Barnett's. Sarah Laacke was Jill's good friend and our high school class president. The Barnett's were good friends of ours when we first got married and lived in the Cedar 1st ward.     
  • October: We enjoyed general conference messages. On Sunday, we went to a family's house in our ward -- the Strikwerda's. Brother Strikwerda is our hometeacher. They are a great family and we enjoyed watching the Sunday morning session of conference. A big message I got was that we need to repent, and without repentance we cannot progress!
    I (Dee) am currently writing this post in the Dallas Airport. I am returning from a customer service certification training that was held at the Tall Timbers Baptist Conference just outside of Alexandria, LA. The conference was beneficial because now I am certified to teach and allow my students to receive industry certification (From the National Retail Federation) in the area of customer service.
    Towards the end of the month, Jill will be taking a trip to St. Louis for a Juice Plus conference. I will write about that when she returns. I am stuck in the Dallas airport for another few hours, so I'll try to get some grading done. The 1st quarter grading period ends this week. 

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